Using Blockchain for Storing Value in Infrastructure
Sep 26, 2018

American Society of Civil Engineers Grand Challenge Innovation Contest Winner, Washington DC

National Council of Professional Engineers National Conference
Emerging Opportunities in The Engineering Profession, July, 2015, Seattle, WA

Bruce Cahan – TEDx Hayward, May 2013
Adjacencies Revealed: Banking Beyond Rugged Individualism

Risk Roundup Webcast: Blockchain based Risk Transfer

Bruce Cahan, panelist from Stanford.
Real Estate, blockchain and Propy. 2017, Palo Alto, Ca.

Bruce Cahan of Urban Logic – Very Impactful People – Stanford University

Engineering News Record FutureTech National Conference Blockchain Panelist
June 6, 2018, San Francisco

CAASE2018 Keynote
Why Engineers Must Pay Serious Attention
to Blockchain Technology

Converts Resumé / CV to Cryptography

SIBOS 2011 Innotribe Sessions (world premier financial services conference) Keynote speaker and panelist
New Economies, Sept 19-24, Toronto, CA

Risk Roundup Webcast: Blockchain based Insurance Model for Managing Aging Infrastructure Risks

Nina Kilbride – Smart Contracts: The Future of Transactions through Computable Contracts and Blockchain

“Everything You Need to Know About Blockchain” Bobbie Cochrane, CTO for Data, IBM Blockchain Solutions, speaks with Dan Robles, June 2017