The Emergent EngTech Sector

IEBC Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 2

The month of March has been busy on many levels – perhaps I should explain those levels. The Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium is a small part of larger research and development efforts in the EngTech sector spanning multiple partnerships, communities….and decades.

The Ingenesist Project ( is the publishing arm for research that I have been involved in. TIP blog archives well over 500 articles (1/2 Million words) describing many experiments, applications, whitepapers, and a few start-ups that we’ve developed over the years. These including Social Flights LLC, (acquired) Coengineers, PLLC (active), IEBC, Curiosumé, Quant, The Value Game, WIKiD Tools, the Boeing research, and the NAFTA years, etc.  All of these projects will become relevant to IEBC in the future.

Running in parallel with TIP is Urban Logic, LLC ( containing the extensive body of work of Bruce Cahan, and culminates in REOS (Real Estate Operating System). REOS aims to organize life-cycle information related to building construction/operations on blockchain, and to provide novel methods for optimizing net efficiency of markets. Bruce’s remarkable background spans Law, Banking, Academia, and Engineering.

REOS provides an ideal framework to advance IEBC by integrating the EngTech / FinTech / InsurTech trifecta. Common threads include BIM, construction contracts, and infrastructure – but also include aerospace, energy, governance, and beyond. Bruce is a teaching scholar at the Stanford University Center for Integrated Facilities Engineering (CIFE), therefore we consider our home base to be Stanford University.

A few activities this month: 

  • Added Nina Kilbride to our Board of Advisors. Nina works for Monax Industries. Please see her bio on the IEBC website here.
  • Interview with A.M. Best insurance ratings agency and quoted in an article (yet to be published) on Blockchain risk management.
  • Entered Quant in an Innovation Contest with the American Society of Civil Engineers.
  • Speaking engagements scheduled for 2017: IBM, Purdue University, and the Indiana State Conference for Professional Engineers, with others in the works.
  • We were profiled by AITE Group (an insurance industry resource).
  • We maintain relations with the other major platform communities such as Ethereum, Graphene, Hyperledger, Monax, and R3
  • We fielded questions from diverse organizations from several groups: Indy Power Systems, The Arup Corporation, Purdue University EPA grant, The Blackfeet Nation of Montana, a group of Chinese investors, and a steadily increasing number of engineering students writing college papers on blockchain (an interesting trend), etc.
  • We are planning to hold an Engineering Executive Blockchain Summit at Stanford (TBD)

Last but not least

We are in productive talks with a US technology company and AI leader who has expressed interest in our work developing the EngTech ecosystem. While I don’t want to get ahead of anything, I can say that they have been very generous in sharing their book of world-class relationships and have including our story in their own corporate outreach. We look forward to more announcements about this key relationship in the near future.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge our advisory board again for helping to keep things edgy and profound, yet patient and sober regarding our approach to growth and outreach. There is a great deal of hype and conjecture in Crypto-land, and the IEBC remains diligent in publishing high quality content, making factual assertions, and forming a broad consensus.

In short, we are attracting very smart people who are attracting very smart people, and so on. This is how a network grows. This is how IEBC will grow.    


Daniel R. Robles, PE