Persons instrumental in the formation, launch and continued strategy for the Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium.

Dan Robles, PE
Founder/ CEO of IEBC

Founder/ CEO, Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium, Founder, CoEngineers Group and The Ingenesist Project (TIP). BSME, MBA International Business, Account Manager, The Boeing Company Aerospace, Test Engineer Rockwell Int’l/U.S. Space Shuttle, Associate Professor City University of Seattle, Musician.

Arie Levy COhen
President of IEBC

Co-Founder, President and Chairman, Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium / Founder & CEO Blockhaus Investments, AG, Co-Founder of SingularDTV, FinTech Consultant: World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), R3CEV. Former Morgan Stanley Banking & Wealth Management

Thomas Wendling, PE
CIO, Advisor

Chief Innovation Officer, IEBC, co-founder, Systems Engineer Jacobs Engineering Group. Aging Infrastructure Innovation Task Force. Commercialization of digital technologies in construction and new applications of actuarial science and insurance delivery methods. Licensed Professional Engineer(PE)

Malachy Mathews

Dublin, Ireland. BIM Integration Advisor. Collaboration and Integration of architecture and engineering professions for smart contract application with BIM technology. Professor of Architecture, Leader of Collaborative Teaching and Learning facilitated by BIM, Dublin Institute of Technology, School of Architecture.

Alicia Seay

Richmond, VA, Co-Founder at Invincive Labs. Social Entrepreneur & Public Relations Specialist. University Relations, business development, marketing research, game design and consulting, alt. economics, innovation management and community organization.

Bruce Cahan

Palo Alto, CA, Consulting Professor at Stanford University’s School of Engineering, co-founder of Stanford’s Sustainable Banking Initiative, a former CodeX Fellow at Stanford’s Center for Legal Informatics, and an Ashoka Fellow. Architect: Real Estate Operating System (RE-OS), Founder Urban Logic.

Bradley Layton, PE, PhD

Associate Professor and Director of Energy Technology Program at University of Montana, Founder; Human Powered Future, PLLC. NSPE Fintech Task Force, Registered Professional Engineer (PE), PhD Biomedical Engineering, MSME U. Michigan, BSME MIT

Don Mango

New York, NY, Guy Carpenter, Vice Chairman of Enterprise Analytics. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), business intelligence, counterparty risk, Solvency, II and capital modeling. Former chief actuary and head of ERM Advisory Practice Group. BSME

Kim Allen, P. Eng.

Chief Executive Officer at Allenvision Inc. SME in talent, governance, and financial analytics for advancing strategic execution, risk management and talent management. Former CEO of Engineers Canada (300K Canadian Engineers). Former CEO of P.Eng. Ontario (80K engineers).


Persons instrumental in the formation, launch and continued strategy for the Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium.

Stan Larimer

President and COO of Cryptonomex Inc., developers of the Graphene Platform, the bitshares blockchain, OpenLedger, and the Steemit blockchain. High-volume, enterprise grade, proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. BSEE, MSEE From Air Force Institute of Technology and instructor at USAF Academy

Duane Tilden, P. Eng.

Senior Mechanical Engineer / Materials Sciences. Vancouver, BC. Partner Co-Engineers, PLLC, Specialist in building (mechanical) systems design, and contract management. Construction management and design team lead in the Mechanical Consulting industry. Past Owner of Crown Mechanical.

Tim Austin, PE

Wichita, KS, Kaw Valley Engineering. Former president of the National Society of Professional Engineers. Current NSPE appointee on the National Construction Dispute Resolution Committee of the American Arbitration Association. Conflict resolution and engineering leadership. Registered Professional Engineer (PE)

Dustin Byington

Austin, TX, Co-founder and former President at Tendermint. Founder of Satoshi Talent. Founder and current president of My Family Office Venture Capital. Deep domain experience in blockchain protocols, token pre-sale, VC, crowd funding and the community of blockchain developers.

Nina Kilbride

Raleigh, NC, Software Developer, former commercial lawyer and head of Legal Engineering at Monax Industries providing legally compliant smart contract-based software development kits; specifically a novel construction contracts suite. Monax is the first member company to bring Ethereum to the Hyperledger Project.

Alan White

Group CEO. ECP24 is a UK Based decentralized engineering firm developing novel worldwide project delivery systems in the energy and facilities sector.

Paul Brooks

Indianapolis, IN; CEO Quiddity Systems, Inc, platform for human-centric economy. CEO and Co-Founder of the Helixx Group, Agent to high impact persons. CEO Founder of Renaissance, Inc. Serial entrepreneur and consultant to entrepreneurs.

Chad Williams, PE

Oklahoma City, OK Senior Engineer EFI Global. Forensic engineering evaluations of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Operations engineering in support of military, aviation, and industrial facilities. Construction defects, Design defects, Natural Risks. Registered Professional Engineer (PE).

Dan Schlueter

Founder of Creative Binary Solutions. Software architect with an emphasis on integrating blockchain technology. Former Software Engineer at Financial Force, National Association of Securities Dealers and Arbitron (now Nielsen).

Industry Panel

Our Industry Advisory Panel provides enterprise integration insights while representing IEBC within their organizations. IEBC initiated projects, publications, and develops partnerships through our industry network.

Ben Amaba, PhD, PE, CPIM, LEED AP

Worldwide Executive, Board Member, Strategic Advisor, Professional Engineer, Operations, and Technology.

Dr. Jayshree Pandya

Host: Risk Roundup: Webcast/Podcast, Founder: Risk Group, Strategic Security Risk Research and Intelligence Advisor, Life Sciences

Matt Bowers, PE

Principal Engineer, SC Solutions, San Francisco Bay Area. Structural Engineering, Transportation, and Complex Engineering Models.

Markus Weidner

Chief Innovation Officer, Pennoni. senior executive responsible for Technology, Facilities, Fleet, and Workplace management.

Jeff Daniels, PhD

Lockheed Martin, Application Services, Integration, & Strategy, Aerospace & Defense Executive, C|CISO, Professor.

Witek Radomski

CTO, Blockchain developer, Minecraft & simulation advisor.

Dr. Abel Marciel

Founder; Construction Blockchain Consortium, Director at Design Computation Ltd. Research Associate Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.