IEBC Newsletter March 2018 – Taking Off

As members of the Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium, you are entitled to hear about pending announcements first.  We are entering a new phase of the IEBC trajectory.  But first, we will be entering a short stealth mode period in order to build our product and organize the legal entity that will execute the next phase.  Until then, please be aware of the following developments:

  • IEBC has received financial commitments for funding an alpha release of our new application and execute an Token Generating Event.
  • Our goal is to come out with a full SEC compliant or exempt utility token specific to the integrated engineering professions.
  • The IEBC native proof of stake blockchain will be released in alpha within 2-3 months.
  • Alpha blockchain to be available to IEBC researchers, members, and practicing engineers during tests.
  • New branding of the only Blockchain developed by Engineers for Engineers will be revealed when we emerge from stealth mode.
  • A new whitepaper will follow on the enormous body of work already published by IEBC and The Ingenesist Project.
  • IEBC is delivering the Keynote at CAASE Conference (Conference on Advanced Analysis and Simulation in Engineering) in Cleveland: June 5, 2018
  • IEBC selected as a panelist on Blockchain Technology at Engineering News Record FutureTech conference in San Francisco June 8, 2018


Several more appearances are currently being planned for 2018.

Next: IEBC Executive Member, Thomas Wendling,PE  from Jacobs Engineering, gave this extraordinary interview on Risk Roundup with Dr. Jayshree Pandya.  It is an hour and twenty minutes, but if you are in construction, engineering, finance, or insurance, and would like to acquire deep insight into what we are planning at IEBC, your time will be well invested in watching this interview:


Call for Engineers:

During Stealth Mode we will be actively congregating on the IEBC Discord Channel where the engineering community can coordinate and organizing efforts around building the first native blockchain by engineers for engineers.

Join the IEBC Discord Channel here:

For those not familiar with Discord, it is like a 24/7 chat room / conference room where we all share files, integrate activities, run live conference calls, and publish news and events.  It is a magnificent community.

We are looking for more engineers interested in the blockchain technology and looking forward to staking their claim in this new field.  The upside potential for the early adopters may be enormous.  Our promise is that you own what you build.  Join the discord channel today and we’ll introduce you to the team!!!

Specific tasks exists for engineers seeking to expand blockchain applications in their specific disciplines as well as researchers in the following topics:

Anthropology of digital assets
Supply Chain Management
Procurement and logistics
Ontology of Integrated Engineering Professions
BIM Modeling
Infrastructure maintenance
Real Estate Valuation
Virtual Engineering Organizations
“Moon Shots”
Internet of Things
Artificial / augmented intelligence
Micro credentialing
Fintech InsurTech
Much, much, more…

If you want to participate but are uncertain how, please contact us. We have marketing, moon shots, and feasibility tasks to complete.  Join the Integrated Engineering Blockchain Community and share research with some of the most advanced thought leadership ideas in the EngTech Sector.


Join the IEBC Discord Channel here: