IEBC Newsletter – Building Our Network Vol1 No 5

Building Our Network

Hello everyone.   This has been a very busy time for us with several speaking events, webinars and community organizing efforts under way.  Our goal is to organize the worldwide engineering community around this great project.

The current speaking schedule has been active. 

May 12: I spoke about Blockchain technology and “EngTech” in Chicago at the manufacturers innovation Conference hosted by Lockheed Martin and IBM.  We met with leaders from Seimens, Rolls Royce, Dow, IBM, Lockheed, and several others.  We learned a great deal about how EngTech reaches deep into the productivity base of our economy.

May 13: we met with executives from IBM and Lockheed to discuss our next steps.  Two things came up:

  1. IBM would discuss the works of IEBC, where possible, as a case study in their own national speaking circuit on industry developments in blockchain.
  2. IEBC will establish a page on our website indicating industry executive partners to participate in information sharing with IEBC.  This will also help in our media campaign as we accumulate partners and build the network.

May 19: I spoke at a webinar for a different segment of IBM on industry trends in Blockchain.  I will forward the link where appropriate.

June 5:  I spoke on a webinar panel with Caitlan Long from Symbiont and  produced by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.  The topic was about the emergent EngTech sector and its potential impact on Insurance and Finance.  This is our second invitation by NAIC.   Audio and slides for the NAIC webinar may be found here: NAIC Webinar

June 8: IEBC Advisor Christa Steele participated on a panel at the 2017 Endeavor Entrepreneur Retreat where she shared deep banking operations knowledge and experience on the topic of “Unlocking Blockchain”.  Video may be found here:

June 9:  I addressed the Indiana Society of Professional Engineers at their National Conference in Indianapolis.  The goal of this meeting was to introduce blockchain, Bitcoin, and the Quant engineering currency as well as the implications of Blockchain Technology on the engineering profession.  Video may be found here: ISPE Presentation

June 12: I spoke with Dr Jayshree Pandya CEO of the Risk Group for their Risk Round-up webinar series.  They have a broad audience in the insurance and cyber-security fields.  Video may be found here: Risk Roundup

June 13:  IEBC Co-founder Bruce Cahan is hosting at RealComm – an important real estate industry conference in San Diego.  The panel will include Dr. Ben Amaba from IBM.  Ben is a strong proponent of IEBC.  The discussion will be the blockchain applications in Real Estate, specifically the Real Estate Operating System that Bruce is developing.

June 20-22:  I will be flying out to the DC area to take part in a celebration for winners of the ASCE Innovation Challenge.  The IEBC was awarded Best Value / Internet of Things innovation category.  The event will be held at the headquarters of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

December 4, 2017 – Later this year, I will be hosting a Panel at the Future of Money and Technology Summit in San Francisco.  This will be my 7th time hosting a panel at FOM&T.

We have several other events in the works for this year.

There are three objectives in play:

  1. Build the network of engineers
  2. Promote #EngTech as an independent sector of the Blockchain Ecosystem
  3. Launch an ICO of the Quant Currency.

We are developing the Industry Partners Page to aggregate people endorsed by their corporations to be members of IEBC.  Please let us know if you or someone you know would like to apply to be an industry partner.  IPs will have advance notice of our strategies and may provide input to their best interests. IPs will also have a favorable position in the ICO.

Funding requirements:

We need to find funding for daily operations.  Please let me know if you are aware of any persons or corporations who can help fund these trips and speaking events.  We could be doing quite a bit more.  Please spread the word.