IEBC Newsletter – 3 Pronged Strategy – Vol 1 No 7

Hold on tight! 
The IEBC has been extremely busy. The opportunities presented to us far exceed our current ability to pursue them. These are truly exciting times.
This newsletter will describe our three pronged strategy for advancing the name, purpose, and growth of the IEBC.  1. Endorsing external ICOs  2. Sharedrop/Pre-sale of our QUANT Token, and 3. Use cases under development by IEBC members and affiliates for application in the engineering profession.
In addition, we have several papers published, completed, or submitted and are receiving more media coverage.  We’ll outline those developments in the next newsletter
Endorsing ICOs
We have been in contact with several ICO campaigns seeking our endorsement for their token on the basis of our assessment of “intrinsic value” for a cryptocurrency.  This is novel. Our calculus in this regard is known to be robust.  We have rejected several proposals but have accepted a campaign from a company called Enjin. Enjin is a successful 9 year old company adding a blockchain layer to massively networked on-line engineering immersion games such as MineCraft.
We are impressed by the idea that engineering game play can be preserved to an immutable database that may provide input to mentors, universities, and employers when signaled for engineering talent and proclivity. The ability to identify future engineers at a very young age allows emergent talent to be developed and nurtured.  IEBC has an especially strong interest in capturing young engineers in our network long before entering their careers.
We are looking at two more ICOs in the areas or disaster relief infrastructure and an IoT application for decentralized water safety testing.  More on those as they develop.
 Pre-sale of QUANT.
We need to fund operations and prepare for an ICO that may cost upwards of $300,000 dollars. Given what we are seeing in this space, An IEBC token offering could be spectacular especially given our mainstream partners, credentials and products.  We have already created the QUANT cryptocurrency running on the Bitshares Blockchain and the Openledger Exchange. We are specifying our tech stack and fiscal policy with the help of the Bitshares/Steemit/EOS tech communities. We are currently share dropping QUANT to for direct assistance provided to us.  If any of the people on this Newsletter Distribution is interested in a QUANT share drop, please create a wallet on the exchange and then contact me before Sept 23, 2017, you will receive 100 Quant just for connecting.
We have also provided a PAYPAL button on our Website that we will convert to Quant at a pre-ICO rate – if and only if the ICO materializes. Call to discuss, Otherwise, your non-tax deductible donation will fund operations.  Please contribute.
Engineering Use-cases
According to the old adage “If it doesn’t work on a spreadsheet, it won’t work on a blockchain”, we are working on several Pre-Quant use-cases with IEBC members and corporate affiliations to provide context to our novel Quant project delivery method.  Here are several that the members of the IEBC community are working on:
1. Municipal Governance on Blockchain.  Many small and large cities regulate publicly owned resources such as trees, signs, parking, roadways, and even form-based zoning, etc.  These regulations can often cost a great deal to enforce and result in loss or public good will due to perceived over-reach.  We are developing a novel self-regulation approach using a public ledger and multi-agent algorithmic game mechanics to manage shared public assets.  This may ultimately  be applicable to state and federal assets.
2. Staffing:  Many companies from AECs to Aerospace experience wide business cycles which result in periodic mass hiring and mass layoffs.  During the cycle, permanent employees are adversely impacted by the work load volatility and communities are forced to endure external economic shocks.  IEBC is developing a novel blockchain approach for decentralizing validated pools of knowledge assets for rapid deployments, decreased volatility, and predictive allocation.
3. Young Engineers:  Again, IEBC is partnering with a on-line blockchain game company Enjin.  Whereas many engineers grew up with Legos, computer games such as Minecraft are becoming increasingly sophisticated modeling and simulation exercises applicable to engineering.   IEBC will validate high potential Enjin users for recognition by college applications, trade applications, and corporations who seek to identify and nurture future STEM talent.   This will give IEBC potential network of 20M young engineers worldwide ultimately providing an early and continuous path to an engineering profession.
4. Maintenance and Replacement insurance: IEBC is specifying a smart storage medium for future repair, maintenance, and replacement funding to be time-released by a novel insurance product  programed by engineers and actuaries to reduces volatility in such expenditures and preserve economic value and integration potential with new technologies such as IoT.
5. Real Estate Operating System:  You can’t have smart cities unless buildings have a “memory”. We are developing a project that aggregates all information from BIM models to sales, operations, maintenance and public records on an immutable decentralized database adjudicated by engineers for the purpose of valuation, insurability, and securitization of real assets.  REOS would compete with Zillow on a retail level but be readily scaled to include infrastructure, securities, and financial derivatives, etc.
Again, thank you for your support. Our advisory board has been magnificent… and growing.  Please let us know if you have a use case that would fit our network or wish to be considered for our advisory board. We have several amazing advisors in the pipeline.  Once we are properly formed and funded, we hope they will stay on as directors.