IEBC Member Update Vol 2 No 1

Dear IEBC Members, 

We made it through our first year!

September and October were very busy months for us, and it does look to be slowing down either.  We spent a lot of time on the whitepaper, consulting with our advisors, legal experts and, and preparing for upcoming events and token release. We are in talks with no less that 8 well-known engineering and technology firms about the importance of working together on an Engineering Blockchain.  Everything appears to viable and now we are looking for the financial backing for the project.
QuantChain will be an enormous innovation across the current economic landscape.  QuantChain aims to decentralize the intrinsic value of the world’s engineers rather than tokenizing every single extrinsic manifestations of engineering. We accomplish this by decentralizing the Oracles which validate all derivative contracts.  Why would anyone hold another token?


  • AECs and Engineering Firms are starting to come around. Here is an excellent  blockchain report from an Arup research group where IEBC is featured quite prominently on page 62 and 63.  Arup provides an excellent overview and comprehensive spectrum of blockchain applications in the engineering and construction industry.  A good read Here
  • Here is an announcement from the Canadian Academy of Engineering about the appointment of Kim Allen to the IEBC advisory Board. Kim has been a great resource to us and we are very fortunate to have him on the team:
  • IEBC published a summary whitepaper here on the QuantChain application upon which we will conduct a token offering.  Please review this summary paper – it is very important. We are holding back on the full whitepaper for advisors and Quant holders only at this time.
  • IEBC has research projects in process or forming in many parts of the world including UK, Denmark, Australia, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, and the US.  The purpose of these projects is to research the anthropology of Quant in real life engineering situations. Shout out to the teams at  ECP24 and EPIC Service for their incredible creativity and intellect.
  • We have been interviewed in multiple webcasts including  “Everything you need to know about Blockchain” with Bobbie Cochran of IBM, and Risk Round-up with Dr. Jayshree Pandya On Blockchain Risk Transfer.  We also participated in interviews for a wonderful independent film with the well-known filmmaker, Mr. Peter Salmon.  Finally, Dan Robles was recognized by the “People of Blockchain” series included among some real legends…we are honored.
  • We are currently building the website for to serve as the token platform.  Special Thanks to Patrick and James Mockridge from the IEBC Global team.
  • We have published about 20 blogposts discussing specific elements of the IEBC projects (hint: revelations about the full whitepaper may be found here).
    • We have added several advisors in critical multi-disciplinary areas from Arizona State University Blockchain lab, University of New Castle Disaster Relief and Recovery.  We now have advisors in culture hacking, social pattern recognition in peer-to-peer communities – welcome Joe Brewer and Helene Finidori.



We need your help now.  Please tell your colleagues about the Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium and please feel free to contribute in any way possible.  We are gifting large amounts of  Quant to our advisors and people who assist us. The value of Quant is, and will always be, what YOU make make with it.
If you are in a position to provide financial assistance to help cover operational expenses. we would greatly appreciate it.  If not, then please spread the word that IEBC is working on something big, retweet our posts and articles, and stay informed about our activities.  If you hear anything that we should know about, please forward to or to the address above.  Finally, if you have read this far, please send me your account name within the next 14 days and I’ll send you one hundred quant.
Thank you