Engineering Blockchain Consortium Announces Inaugural Membership Drive

The Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium is participating in the alpha test launch of – the first blockchain developed by engineers for engineers.

The 10-5-5 Initiative:

10-5-5 is the inaugural membership drive of the IEBC. The objective is to develop a collaborative interface between engineers, banks, and insurance underwriters as a means of reducing systemic risks in global water, climate, energy, and land use infrastructure.  Blockchain technology allows engineers to synchronize their efforts and impacts across disciplines, industries, and national boundaries.

A Decentralized Body of Knowledge

The IEBC is inviting 10 engineering firms, 5 banks, and 5 insurance companies to participate in the development, testing, and application of – a native blockchain, validation platform, and decentralized body of knowledge for engineers. This rich pool of validated engineering knowledge would greatly enable the IEBC mission to enhance project finance, insurability, maintenance, design and construction of infrastructure, smart cities and related assets. In short, bringing security to the interface between the physical world and the digital twin.

Measuring Value Into Existence:

Core research will include best practices for blockchain integration and the anthropology of cryptographic tokens as a value marker.  IEBC will also introduce targeted incentives that increase intrinsic motivation while reducing moral hazard among stakeholders.

Membership is limited

Inaugural members will enjoy co-founder’s status and on-going favorable access to IEBC research and experience applying blockchain technology to engineering use cases involving knowledge asset liquidity, obsolescence insurance, and engineering validation at points of risk transfer.

For more information download membership information here.


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