Call for Use Cases for Blockchain Technology in Engineering

IEBC is collecting engineering use cases for blockchain technology.  The IEBC concept is centered on a decentralized network of engineers who collaborate to solve difficult problems that are easy to verify and whose solution form the consensus that validates blocks and produces the QUANT token.
We are focusing on deeply strategic vectors, extremely scalable applications, multi-tier applicability, and enormous upside potential for society, our planet sustainability, and the advancement of the engineering profession. We are looking for the moon-shots.
During the formation of IEBC, we recall so many discussions that we’ve had related to manufacturing, climate change, weakening of professional societies, commoditization of engineering, rising seawater, decaying infrastructure, new infrastructure, disaster resilience, ocean acidification, clean water, energy, agriculture, wealth disparity, etc. These are the use-cases with engineering solutions that we are looking for.
Keep in mind that an application for, say, gun safety, could also be applied to safety of any hazardous machinery or material.  Likewise, your outsized vision may be able to start as small modular application and scale from there. So we want to hear about everything in our network. What are you passionate about?
When you contrast the QUANT value proposition to that of any other token, there is simply no comparison that QUANT is superior in every manner of measuring, storing, and exchanging intrinsic value.   
We have started a Projects page here: where we briefly describe some application within the QUANT ecosystem.  
Please share your use-case concepts in about 150 words or less. Accepted concepts may be published on the IEBC website, attributed to author(s), and stored on a blockchain for provenance, if applicable.  Or, please forward information about concepts by others that you are aware of that may fit in the IEBC ecosystem. 
Original concepts that are used in whole or in part will be awarded 10,000 QUANT
Please send concepts to  This offer may end at any time without notice.  QUANT has no actual or implied financial value. 
Thank you