The Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium is an Innovation Bank ™ comprised of visionary organizations in the engineering, finance and insurance industries dedicated to the quantification and reduction of systemic risk in global economic systems. Our novel adjudication research is committed to securing blockchain transactions where material risk is transferred from one party of the transaction to another.

Reimagining the Future

International Comparative Education

NAFTA Mutual Recognition of International Engineering Professionals 1994-1997

Knowledge Management Programs

The Boeing Company 1997-2002

Business Process Reengineering

Social Flights, [Uber for private jets] acquired 2010
Guiding the Way

Consulting Services

Community Engineering Services, PLLC; Engineering and Construction firm 2008-2018

Position Paper

National Society of Professional Engineers 2015

Position Paper

National Assoc. of Insurance Commissioners 2015
The Physical Meets the Digital -

CoEng Wins Best Value and IoT

American Society of Civil Engineers Grand Challenge Innovation Contest winner.  2 categories: Best Value and IoT. 2017


First State of the Chain gathering held in Feb, 2018 on the IEBC Discord server.

CoEng Wins Best in Infrastructure

2018 BlockAward in the category of: Best in Infrastructure; BlockWorld Sept. 2018, San Jose, CA.

Launching 10-5-5 Initiative

IEBC opening up consortium membership to 10 engineering, 5 insurance, and 5 financial firms. Oct. 2018