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The Internet of Intrinsics

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The First Blockchain Designed By Engineers For Engineers

Creating a decentralized Knowledge Inventory for the infrastructure, energy, transportation, and construction engineering professions allowing engineers to shift from a collection of centralized silos into a self-aware global network to adjudicate physical risk in real world systems.
This is accomplished through a novel proof-of-stake blockchain, cryptographic token incentives, and multi-agent game mechanics to configure human ingenuity into the form of an intrinsic asset. Where EngTech uses the same analysis tools as FinTech and InsurTech, the liquidity of knowledge asset will increase across the economic spectrum

The result will be a fundamentally more efficient global project delivery system capable of tackling the world's most challenging problems.

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  • The design IS the Smart Contract.
  • Design review, Contract Review, Specifications Review, Value Engineering Review.
  • Construction, Site Inspections, Critical Path Analysis, Work Chronology, Responsibility Matrix.
  • Performance Guarantee, Third-part Liability, Emerging Issues, Wind, Flood, Seismic Capacity.

" one can predict the future and there are too many future variables to possibly codify all of them in a contract. So, when the unforeseen inevitably pops up, who decides how to deal with it? This is the field of "incomplete contracts". A contract should identify who has the right to make future decisions — a significant kind of power."

Oliver Hart, 2016 Nobel Prize in Economics.



Proof of Stake


Digital Token


Intrinsic Value


Currently accepting applications from leading insurance, construction, and infrastructure engineering firms.

  • Cutting edge data technology.
  • Integrate with Industry, Academic, Insurance and Banking industries.
  • Increase operational efficiency and knowledge sharing.
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